XK-R [62 pics]

The owner of this brand new XK-R(300km) had seen some of our previous work and contacted us expressing that he wanted to get his paint in top condition. We exchanged a few emails, I answered a few of his concerns, and we finally set a up date for the work to be completed.




Upon arrival we had a chance to walk around the car and inspect it in direct sunlight




After inspection we found some buffer trials or holograms(where the red arrows are pointing) left behind by a previous detailer, possibly during the new car prep




We brought it in and began the prep work starting with cleaning inside the inner barrel of the wheels

Lugnut area and calipers

And finally the rim face with a microfiber mitt

The exhaust was cleaned up as well






Getting on with the car wash we perform this with two buckets. Reason being is because we don’t want to introduce more swirls into the paint and how we do this is, one bucket is filled with just water and the other just soap. As we wash the car after every panel we rinse off our wash media in the water only bucket before dipping it back into the soap bucket thus eliminating the chances of contaminating our soap water with the dirt we just picked up off the panel and reducing the risk of us dragging dirt filled soapy water across the paint which would scratch it causing more swirls

A soft natural sea sponge is what we use as our wash media

After rinsing down the car while it is still wet we begin the claying process

If your not familiar with what clay is or what it does, it is basically an automotive clay bar that you rub on your paint along side a lubricant to remove contaminants embedded in the clear coat

If you have ever washed your car and even waxed it then felt the paint after all is said and done you’ll notice that it is still very rough. The roughness that you are feeling is embedded dirt etc in the clear coat that needs to be removed by clay bar

Not bad but there was still some dirt that got picked up as you can see in the section closer to the index finger

Finally began drying the car with a very plush microfiber towel imported from the UK. After a shower I don’t even dry my own body  with towels of this quality or as expensive hahaha

Once the vehicle is dry we measure the paint before polishing to look for any low spots we should be weary of or any inconsistencies in the paint. The paint depth gauge we use  is one of the best if not the best for taking measurements on metal substances like aluminium etc. It is the Defelsko Positest and it actually has a ruby tip and costs about $700

Measurements are taken in microns

This is actually one of the inconsistencies I was referring to. Measurements around the car were reading in the 140 – 180 range then all of a sudden on the passenger door it shoots up to 231 microns. Usually what this means is that the area has been repainted which is not a bad thing as long as it is disclosed to the potential buyer

After measuring the depth of the paint we began to mask all rubber trim to protect it from being burnt by the buffers

The paint was not in terrible condition so a medium cutting polish was used. Here are some befores and afters of the panels




This was the driver’s door with all those buffer trails left behind


And now corrected









After the polishing was complete the car was unmasked

And then wiped with ipa alcohol

To clean off the polishing oils so that the wax can bond to the paint properly

Here is the gloss achieved without a wax applied on yet

I hope you see the humour in this but I decided to apply a British manufactured wax to a British manufactured car

Applied to the paint

While the wax was curing we attended to other areas like cleaning the windows and dressing the tires

Wiped the wax off and took it outside for some final shots


First off some pics in the direct sun


I love the way the metallic flake looked in this pic

And now the final pics

I like how this pic turned out

Some cool pics of nice details on the XK-R

And finally my favourite pic

I hope you enjoyed reading threw the write up and we look forward to working on your car.



XK-R [62 pics]