GT3 RS [89 pics]

This GT3RS was done back in Dec. The services provided were a 1 stage polish + interior and engine cleaning which costed $400.

Hope you guys enjoy seeing the process!


First off the initial walk around


Brought it in to the garage and started cleaning the wheels first

Starting with the inner barrel

Lugnuts and calipers

and rimface


Moving on to the exhaust, steel wool was used to clean the outside and inside.

Lol, free advertising for Courtney

All clean


Engine also got a quick shampoo and dressing




Finally after all the prep now we can start washing the car starting with the rinse

Cars are always washed using the 2 Bucket Method. If you are not familiar with the 2 Bucket Method, in a nutshell it is basically 2 buckets, one water only, the other soap. The water only bucket is where you rinse off the dirt from your mitt before placing it back in the soap water thus eliminating the potential to drag dirt all over your paint and causing swirls.

This is the dirt from a previous car. You definitely don’t want to be dragging this all over your paint. Also notice the bucket with the sponge is pretty much clean

Rinsed out and new soap and water

Washing panel by panel starting with the roof

And rinsing off the dirt

Other details taken care of


After rinsing the soap off while the car was still wet I began to clay the paint to remove any embedded dirt in the clearcoat

Pretty rough


Finally began to dry it off with a microfibre towel


All rubber trim was masked off


Paint measurements were taken in microns to look for any low spots to be careful of and to see if anything had been repainted that the owner might not have been aware of


Finally the polishing can begin and a medium cutting polish and pad were used to clean up the swirls


















Here is a cool artsy fartsy shot of me polishing


After the polishing was done the masking tape was removed


Then alcohol was brought out to wipe down the panels to remove oils left behind by the polish so that the wax could have a clean surface to bond to


Here is a teaser of the shine achieved with no wax on yet


After the wipe down the panels were double checked with a special light that omits the same spectrum light as the sun



Wax applied was Swissvax Concorso


While the wax was curing the tires were dressed with a satin finish. Personally I don’t really like the shiny stuff


Starting now with the interior I began vacuuming

Getting in between the seats


Started dusting the cracks and crevices

Pulled out a different brush with longer bristles to reach behind the tach


After the dusting and brushing I can finally wipe down the different surfaces

I really love this shot for some reason

Wiping down the doors

The roll cage

Even the extinguisher lol


A finishing that I love to add to the detail is cleaning the pedals. Lol at the end of the detail and when the customer is taking delivery, they always say that the feel bad to sit in the car afterwards hahaha


Finally I cleaned the windows but doing the back inside windows was the worst! Luckily I have been doing hot yoga lol so I was able to handle the job


And now after all that hard work here are the final pics!

Starting with some sun shots

No swirls :)


Finished interior shots


Exterior finished shots

I think this pic is pretty cool too

I love the way the beam of light and flare looks in this pic

15km speed limit

Beautiful reflection shot on the spoiler!

Interesting roof shot


And finally the last artsy fartsy :)

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed reading through the documentation!

GT3 RS [89 pics]